Fly Fishing for Tarpon in the Florida Everglades


Everglades tarponThe vast wilderness of Florida Everglades is truly the last frontier in the U.S. for the fly fisherman that wants to target tarpon in an un-pressured natural state.

Here in the Everglades tarpon can be found in every possible scenario for the fly fisherman.  Sleepers, finners, floaters and most importantly eaters.

It has been said by many of the greats, the tarpon is the perfect big game species to target with a fly rod.  Explosive visual strikes, relentless power and unbelievable aerial display put on in a shallow water environment make the tarpon the ultimate challenge for the fly fisherman.

To catch a tarpon on a fly is considered by many to be the greatest achievement of any fly fisherman’s career.

Tarpon on FlyTo some it is looked on as a rite of passage.

For many of us it is an insatiable addiction.

For the experienced big game fly fisherman to find a guide not only with the knowledge, tools and skills but also with a true passion for the game is imperative to consistently achieve success.  In this day and age of fly by night guides can be far easier said than done.

If you are new to the world of shallow water big game fly fishing check out my videos.  I have been a full time guide for over 25 years.  Teaching the craft is what I do.  From powerful casting and fish fighting techniques to rigging lines, leaders and flies that actually work.  I can teach you what it takes to make it happen consistently.



fly fishing for tarpon

The best thing about fly fishing for tarpon in the Everglades…
The tarpon here love to eat flies!!!


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fly fishing for tarpon